Krithi Shetty Viral Video Leaked. Krithi Cried Infront of Media

Kriti Shetty’s Emotional Outburst During a TV Interview Leaves Fans Outraged


Krithi Shetty, the talented and emerging actress of the film industry, has captivated audiences with her remarkable performances on the silver screen. Known for her ability to evoke emotions, Krithi has portrayed various characters that have brought tears to the eyes of many moviegoers. However, an unexpected incident during a recent TV interview left Krithi in a state of shock, leading to a genuine outpouring of tears that has stirred controversy and drawn the ire of her passionate fans.


The Prank Gone Wrong

Attending an award function, Krithi Shetty was requested for an interview by a television channel. As the interview commenced, the female anchor started asking Krithi a series of questions, unintentionally neglecting the male anchor beside her. This disregard for his participation seemed to have angered the male anchor, leading to a confrontation between the two on live television.


In the heat of the moment, the male anchor lashed out at his co-anchor, questioning her repeated dominance in the interview and criticizing her attire by calling it “costless.” The female anchor reciprocated the anger, and the situation quickly escalated into a heated argument. Unbeknownst to Krithi, this altercation was nothing more than a planned prank orchestrated by the anchors.

Krithi Shetty Leaked Video
Krithi Shetty Leaked Video


Kriti’s Shock and Emotional Reaction

Witnessing the unexpected and intense argument between the two anchors, Krithi Shetty was taken aback and shocked by the turn of events. As the tension reached its peak, Krithi, who is known to be sensitive to loud noises, experienced an overwhelming surge of emotions that prompted her to break down in tears on the stage. The suddenness and intensity of the situation deeply affected her, leaving her in a vulnerable state.


While the anchors soon revealed that it was all a prank, Krithi’s emotional reaction was genuine and unplanned. It took a few moments for her to regain composure, and her assistant, recognizing her distress, swiftly offered her a kerchief to wipe away her tears. Concerned for her well-being, Krithi’s manager promptly intervened, bringing the interview to an end.


Fan Outrage and Social Media Backlash

Krithi Shetty’s fans, who hold a deep admiration for her talent and empathetic nature, were quick to express their outrage on social media platforms. Many criticized the anchors for taking the prank too far, arguing that playing with someone’s emotions is not a suitable form of entertainment. They voiced their concerns about Kriti’s emotional well-being and condemned the anchors for their insensitivity.


It is important to remember that celebrities, despite their public status, are human beings with genuine emotions. While pranks and humorous situations are common in the entertainment industry, it is crucial to exercise restraint and respect the boundaries of others, especially when it involves their emotional well-being.


Kriti Shetty’s recent emotional outburst during a TV interview has ignited a heated debate among her fans. Although the argument between the two anchors was ultimately revealed as a prank, Kriti’s tears were a genuine display of her sensitivity and vulnerability to unexpected situations. This incident serves as a reminder that it is essential to exercise caution and respect when engaging in pranks or similar activities, particularly in public settings, to avoid causing undue distress to others.


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